UCSF Gets $177 Million Grant To Address Dementia

"A billionaire philanthropist committed to give away all his money before he dies has donated $177 million to UCSF [University of California - San Francisco] to create a program involving people in a variety of fields from all over the world - physicians, social workers, economists, lawyers, musicians - to address the growing burden of Alzheimer's disease and dementia."....Source:  Victoria Colliver/San Francisco Chronicle staff writer.

To view full-text of above article, go tohttp://www.sfgate.com/health/article/UCSF-gets-177-million-grant-to-address-dementia-6636858.php

There is a vast amount of information on the UCSF's CJD site specifically designed to assist patients and their families as they deal with this horrendous disease:



Below is an excellent video about CJD:



CJD Aware! encourages viewers, medical professionals and educators to visit both of the above links, if you have any questions concerning the information found on the sites, contact UCSF-MAC.









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