Colonial Barracks VI - November 11th-13th, 2016

Our annual Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease fundraiser, Colonial Barracks VI, returned to the Sheraton-Metairie November 11-13, 2016.  Attendees came as far as Minnesota, Wisconsin, Colorado and Australia this year enjoying historical-miniature wargaming, as well as donating towards CJD research.  The spotlight of the CJD Aware's! booth (pictured below) was the FDA' s [Food and Drug Administration]  evolution-process (center panel) of an 'compound-into-an-approved-medicine';   as well as possible updates on the 21st Century Bill, a vital piece of legislation* that MAY cross the finish-line this Fall.

*Update:  CJD Aware! is very pleased and proud to announce that the 21st Century Cures Bill was passed in Congress and is now officially a law thanks to President Barack Obama's signature.  See our page "21st".


Above photo taken by Colonial Barracks VI attendee Jim Pitts from Jackson, Mississippi.....thanks Jim!

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