Make An Impact on Rare Disease Day.......Show Your Stripes!!

"The National Organization for Rare Disorder (NORD), the leading independent nonprofit organization representing the 25-30 million Americans living with rare diseases, has announced a new campaign for Rare Disease Day centering on three simple words:  Show Your Stripes, with a call to acton for people to literally and figuratively "show their stripes" in support of rare diseases leading up to and on Rare Disease Day, which will be observed on February 28th this year.

The zebra is the official symbol of rare diseases in the United States and is noted for its black and white stripes, which are central to it uniqueness.  Everyone has his/her own stripes, those characteristics that makes each individual distinct.  While each of the more than 7,000 rare diseases are unique, there are many commonalities that unite the rare disease community.  In the spirit of raising awareness regarding rare disease issues and celebrating Rare Disease day, this year NORD will promote specific ways that individuals, organizations and groups can show their stripes.".....NORD's online press-release

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